Auto3P Bulgaria

About us

More than 20 years Auto3P Bulgaria provides innovative software solutions and services to the automotive and insurance businesses in the country. The high professionalism of staff, quick response to changes and timeliness of the information provided gained the company a leading position on the market. Over 70% of the insurance companies on Bulgarian market, more than 700 garages and more than 70 suppliers of automotive parts communicate through our ecosystem and process more then 200,000 damages annually.

Our mission

The main mission of Auto3P Bulgaria is to improve the performance of its customers, lower the cost and facilitate the business efficiency. We try to achieve this by providing modern professional IT solutions, quality services and timely and accurate information. Our clients are our partners and together we create new standards in information systems, organization of processes and data processing.

Our team

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge not only in the field of information technologies, but also in the business areas of our clients and partners, as well as in analysing data and converting it into useful information.


1991: The company is founded under the name F1.

1998: F1 contracts with MRM to distribute the universal auto parts catalog MultiCat.

2001: F1 renames to Auto3P Bulgaria, signs a partnership agreement with Auto3P EU, while becoming part of the network Auto3P and launching the first B2B MultiCat server in Bulgaria.

2004: Start of the development of a system for liquidation of automotive claims SmartClaiMS.

2005: The first real implementation of SmartClaiMS in Insurance Company Bulstrad.

2007: The largest insurance company at the time starts working with SmartClaiMS.

2008 – 2013: 7 more companies use SmartClaiMS as main system for liquidation of automotive claims and by 2012 more than 70% of the automotive claims liquidation in Bulgaria has been processed through the system.

2009: Presentation of SmartClaiMS Garage - module to communicate with Garages.

2010: For the first time in Bulgaria a new type of calculation is used based on the universal automotive catalog.

2011: Start of the development of a communication platform CSBox.

2012: Auto3P Bulgaria offers on Bulgarian market the fleet management system MultiFleet.

2013: The revolutionary system for trading automotive parts STMS has been launched.

2014: CSBox becomes the primary system for processing and damage calculation of the Guarantee Fund. A new service to determine the actual value of the car, CPG is launched and implemented in the insurance companies and the Guarantee Fund.

2015: Development and presentation of system for assessing the current actual value of the car.

2016: Property damage processing system.

2017: Anti Fraud Management System. Queue management system.