Smart Garage Management System

Garages system services

Specialized module for communication between the Insurance Company and the Auto Service performing the repair process. The system assists the actual repair of damaged vehicles and the coordination of repair's price valuation.

Features of the system:

Repair files
  • Select file repair
  • Communication
  • Reception of the car
  • Request additional view
  • Photos to file
  • Documents to file
  • Issuance of car
  • Select Offer
  • Fill in Offer
  • Transfer data from one offer to another
  • Send offer
  • Rejection of offer request
  • Revocation of offer
  • History of Offers
  • Select proforma invoice
  • Fill in proforma invoice
  • Complete proforma invoice
  • Start Аuction
  • Select Details on Spare Parts Offers
  • Order Spare Parts
  • Change the status of an order
  • Notification Settings
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