Fleet management system

MultiFleet - an innovative platform for monitoring, management and maintenance of the fleet. The system provides managers of the companies with the best tools to control the maintenance and repair of vehicles; the cost of fuel, tires and spare parts; monitoring the performance of drivers and tracking via GPS.

Fleet management requires extensive experience and diverse information!

Complex task, which MultiFleet can simplify!

Reliable workflow and reliable information is key to determining the company's resources and their use in a more efficient manner.

MultiFleet provides solutions for efficient management and economical workflow:

  • Tracking vehicles with integrated GPS.
  • Optimizing tasks of vehicle and driver;
  • Control of fuel consumption, tire wear and the use of spare parts;
  • Means to estimate the cost of maintenance and repair of vehicles;
  • Risk management;
  • Warnings.
  • Easily and accurately calculating the cost of repairs.
  • Online trading platform of automotive parts.
  • The latest innovation in car insurance - Bond (Policy) according to usage.
For more information:
MultiFleet system presentation