Car Price Guide

System to determine the actual value of the vehicle

Car Price Guide (CPG) is a system for assessing the current actual value of the car compared to current price deals of analogues. The actual value is determined on grounds of an array of information about current offers for sale of cars on the local market - web portals, newspapers, magazines. Data is entered and processed by the algorithm, owned by CPG Bulgaria, ensuring timeliness and correctness of each assessment.

The systems for car sales in Bulgaria require the introduction of certain specifying parameters when registering an ad by a seller. Later on, based on these parameters potential buyers define their demand. This means that ads are characterized precisely by these parameters and in order to obtain adequate evaluation, the system Car Price Guide should consider them. A list of these parameters is as follows:

  • Vehicle Make;
  • Vehicle Model;
  • Vehicle Year;
  • Fuel Type;
  • Engine Capacity;
  • Power (HP);
  • Vehicle Type (according to the type coupe);
  • Transmission
  • No. of Doors;
  • Mileage;
  • Seller Type (dealer or private);
  • 4x4;
  • Leather Upholstery;
  • Air Conditioning;
  • Navigation System;
  • New Import;

With regard to the identification of a particular vehicle, the system allows to set the registration number and / or frame (или chassis – гугъл ми го дава като по-често използвано) number. Thus, you will have updated information about which specific vehicles have been assessed through your account, regardless whether any action followed - for example, contracting a policy.