Claim Share Box

Sharing system claims

CSBox is a specialized electronic system for sharing of claims and coordination of information on them.

Its aim is to serve the processes of exchanging data between different users - quickly and easily in real time, they are able to communicate, exchange information and coordinate their actions.

Claim Share Box offers:

  • facilitated introduction of common data claim
  • establishing an inventory and calculation
  • opportunity to direct claim to a second party
  • secure environment for data sharing
  • shortening the time to exchange documents
  • notification of change in real time
  • communication between the parties in real time
  • connectivity with external systems
  • reconciliation of amounts
  • clarity and accountability of claims' processing time and the incurred costs

Users of the system can be insurance companies, insurance brokers, garages, fleets, leasing companies, appraisers, customers - car owners.

For more information:
Claim Share Box system presentation