Smart Claims Management System

System for liquidation of damages

Specialized system designed to service the activities of liquidating automobile property damages by CASCO policy and Third Party Liability in Insurance Companies.

The system consists of two separate parts - Operational and management, as well as an administration module.

Operational part of the system serves the filing of damages, input inventories and generating damage calculations. This system is responsible for the collection and storage of data necessary for the preparation of reports and analysis by the management part. The commissioning of this system allows significant improvement in the operational services of the liquidation.

The management part of the system is designed for management and control reports and analyzes related to the liquidation activities. Once collected from the operative part, data is converted into useful information by making appropriate reports and analyzes. This part of the system is intended for use by the management staff of the insurance company.

Administrative part of the system is designed for control and data administration necessary for the proper functioning of the system.

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